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Automotive IT Solutions

Optimize your dealership's management: cars, sales, advertising activities and client personalization by big data technologies

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Web Solutions

Our web-based car stock allows users to learn about the car all information in 1 click:

  • Availability and real photo
  • Complectation and color
  • Promotions and banking products
  • 10 different leadforms
  • Mobile-friendly

Dealership's employees no longer have to worry about anything. Our system automatically connects all the necessary information about car stock.

And due to the pages structure and presenting information, conversion of your dealership's web-site increases significantly​.


Digital Advertising

Now that you know all of their advertising:

  • How much 1 lead costs
  • How much 1 car selling costs
  • How effective advertising channel
  • What ads are profitable and which are not
  • Prediction of the budget with respect to sales plans
Our advertising automatization allows dealerships start marketing activities faster and more effective: search ads, programmatic buying, dynamic retargeting and much more.

Big Data & Personalization

Any dealership wants to know:

What car user wants right now?
What brand he prefers?
What techspecs are crucial for him?

When customer will buy next car?

When user opens dealership's web-site, our big data platform offers specific vehicles based on past user's activity: web search, clicking ads and VDP views over all automotive sites.

So you know what car he wants before he make any actions on your site!

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